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Hyungkyoo Kim, PHD 김형규

Group Director

​I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Urban Design and Planning at Hongik University and the directing faculty of the Environmental City Research Group. I focus on climate-responsive urban design and planning, microclimate and thermal comfort, urban heat island, walkability and livability, and suburbanization. Prior to joining Hongik, I was a Research Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Assistant Manager at Samsung C&T Corporation. I hold a PhD in City and Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley, MUP from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and MS in Urban Design and BS in Architecture from Seoul National University.

I serve as a board member of the Korean Planning Association and the Urban Design Institute of Korea and as a member of the Korean Regional Development Association. I advise several city and regional governments and public developers in South Korea. 


Jeongki Seo, MS 서정기

PhD Student

I am interested in smart city planning. I currently provide smart city consulting at Jeongdo UIT Corporation. I hold an MS in Urban Design and BS in Urban Design and Planning from Hongik University.

연구실 홈피 사진.jpg

Jeongin Eum, MS 음정인


I am interested in climate change vulnerability in cities, climate change adaptation, and crime in cities. Before joining Hongik, I was a researcher at the Korea Environment Institute. I hold an MS and BS in Urban Design and Planning from Hongik University.


Minsu Hwang 황민수

MS Student | Researcher

I am interested in effects of physical environments on microclimate in cities. I hold a BS in Urban Design and Planning from Hongik University.


Hyerin Lee 이혜린

Research Administrator

I manage administration of the research group. I hold a BS in Urban Design and Planning from Hongik University.

former members

Graduate Students

Minsun Kim 김민순

Master's thesis: "Effects of Land Use and Urban Form on Air Temperature in Summer" (2023).

Minho Park 박민호

Master's thesis: "Causality Analysis between Population Characteristics, Manufacturing Proportion, Air Pollution in City Using Structural Equation Model" (2023).

Sangjin Park 박상진

Master's thesis: "Regional Characteristics and Mode Choice during the Initial Phase of COVID-19 Diffusion" (2021).

Eunhwan Kim 김은환

Master's thesis: "Development and Selection Criteria for Urban Regeneration in response to Climate Change" (2021).

Jeongin Eum 음정인

Master's thesis: "The Effects of Air Pollution on Violent Crime Rate in Local Communities" (2021).

Jinyeong Yu 유진영

Master's thesis: "An Analysis of the Sustainable Development of Village Community Project through the Case Study of Energy Independent Village Project in Low-rise Urban area of Seoul" (2019).

Jee Min Youn 연지민

Master's thesis: "Relationships between Thermal Environment and Air Pollution in Seoul's 25 Districts" (2022).

Undergraduate Students

Hwanna Song 송환나

Kyeong Min Oh 오경민

Yujin Song 송유진

Joo Yeon An 안주연

Su Yeon Park 박수연

Shinah Park 박신아

Eunhwan Kim 김은환

Jeongin Eum 음정인

Sungyeol Choi 최성열

Joonhee Choi 최준희

Jaewoo Lee 이재우

Nayeon Lee 이나연

Sukyeong Bae 배수경


Wooseop Lee 이우섭

Jaein Oh 오재인

Yoonhee Jung 정윤희

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